Results – Sat 06 June 2020

Sold for: R6600

Sold for: R1800

Sold for: R7 200-00

Sold for: R13000

Sold for: R5100.00

Errol Boyley painting – Sold for: R8900.00

Sold for: R3900.00

Dale Elliot Oil Painting

Sold for: R3100.00

Sold for: R3000.00

– Sold for: R3600.00

Sold for: R3900.00

Sold for: R1900.00

Bench Sold for R 1900-00

Sideboard Sold for R 900.00

– Sold for: R1000.00

Dale Elliot Painting: Sold for R5 400.00

Sold for: R2500.00

Sold for R 3200.00

– Sold for: R1700.00

Sold R 1600.00

Sold for: R2400.00

2 thoughts on “Results – Sat 06 June 2020

  1. Adrian says:

    Very nice highlists. A full list of all the lots and their prices realised would be much better. Just lot number and price.

    1. Hofmeyrauctions says:

      working on it

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